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Crossbones Yard Kate Rhodes



Crossbones Yard


The story

Crossbones Yard is the brilliant debut novel in the Alice Quentin series of psychological thrillers, set in contemporary London. When Alice finds a girl's body dumped at the prostitutes’ cemetery at Crossbones Yard in London while out running, she vows to the victim to help the police track down the serial killer. Soon she realises that even if she wanted to walk away, the murderer wouldn't allow it. Because he knows all about Alice. And if she wants to solve the puzzle - and survive - she's going to have to find out all about him.




The Washington Post: ‘a fast-moving, entertaining mix of sex, suspense and serial killings’


The Sun: 'great twists, turns and surprises'

A Killing of Angels Kate Rhodes



A Killing of Angels


The story

Top financier Leo Gresham is pushed to his death under a tube train, during London’s hottest summer on record. Soon more victims who work in London’s banking sector are found dead, with white feathers and postcards of Renaissance angels left at the crime scenes. The killer is targeting London’s oldest banking establishment: the Angel Bank. Psychologist Alice Quentin helps DI Burns hunt for the killer, but she has other problems to face. She is being stalked by an ex-patient, a paranoid schizophrenic. When people Alice loves start to die, it’s clear that she is the killer’s next target. To escape with her life Alice has to place all of her trust in a real life guardian angel.




Telegraph: ‘A KILLING OF ANGELS combines excellent storytelling with sharp psychological depth.’


Woman and Home: ‘Fast paced suspense... a terrific new heroine on the block’

The Winter Foundlings Kate Rhodes



The Winter Foundlings


The story:

Ten year old Ella Williams has been taken from a north London street in the middle of a harsh winter. Soon the body of another girl is found in a cardboard box, outside London’s oldest orphanage, the Foundling Hospital. Alice Quentin is working at Northwood Psychiatric Prison when DCI Burns asks for her help. The murderer is obsessed by the crimes of the UK’s most vicious child killer, former headmaster Louis Kinsella, now incarcerated at Northwood. Alice is forced to build a relationship with the brilliant but terrifying Kinsella, to discover more about the new spate of crimes. She also begins a relationship with Tom Jensen, the gym manager at Northwood, but his behaviour becomes increasingly threatening. Alice must risk her own safety to discover the killer’s identity, before another child dies.




Sunday Mirror: ‘An enjoyably scary chiller’


Library Journal: ‘The mood is rife with fear and sexual tension as Quentin and Burns attempt to catch a child killer before he strikes again.’

Booklist: ‘The suspense…will have night time readers pushing their bedtime well past reasonable limits.’

River of Souls Kate Rhodes



River of Souls


The story:

Psychologist Alice Quentin and DCI Don Burns must solve a high profile case of attempted murder. Three years ago the daughter of cabinet minister Timothy Shelley was brutally attacked and thrown into the River Thames. Jude Shelley suffered monstrous injuries and is still in hospital, awaiting a face transplant, but no suspect has ever been found.

Soon a new spate of identical attacks takes place, the killer revealing his obsession with the Thames by leaving objects from the shore at each crime scene. Alice consults the academics in the history department at London University and finds out that the killer is discarding his victims’ bodies at sites of ancient human sacrifice: Execution Dock, London Bridge, and Vauxhall Cross. When Don Burns himself is taken, the stakes are higher than ever for Alice, and only she has the psychological insight to set him free.




Bella: 'Fast paced and harrowing, this gripping novel will leave you guessing until the end'

Best Magazine: 'The plot has more twists and turns than the path of the legendary river and flows along just as swiftly. We couldn't put it down!'

Bloody Symmetry Kate Rhodes



Blood Symmetry


The story:

Clare Riordan is abducted while jogging with her son on Clapham Common. The trauma renders eleven year old Mikey mute, and forensic psychologist Alice Quentin must help him speak again, working alongside DCI Don Burns. Concerns for Riordan’s safety mount when samples of her blood are found at London locations connected to the history of blood transfusion.


Media interest spirals when Dotun Adebayo, Director of the London Blood Bank, is brutally killed at The Old Operating Theatre Museum. Clare Riordan is growing weaker in captivity when another victim’s body is found at the Church of the Precious Blood in Southwark. The police discover that all of the victims were involved in the government’s Tainted Blood Enquiry, and find many potential suspects. Simon Thorpe, an American haemophiliac and psychotherapist seems unable to conquer his rage about being infected with a fatal illness. Adele Novak, a blood specialist at the Royal Free and a colleague of Clare Riordan’s lost her father to tainted blood and seems obsessed by helping patients in the same predicament. Alice must understand the killers’ fascination with the history of blood transfusion before she can track them down.




Literary Review: ‘Excellent...based on a true, fascinating and shocking story’


Bella: 'Fast paced and harrowing’

Fatal Harmony Kate Rhodes


Fatal Harmony


The story:

Forensic psychologist Alice Quentin is facing her toughest challenge yet. An escapee from a high security psychiatric unit is murdering victims at famous locations in West London, but the only clues he leaves behind are the melodies composed at the addresses where his victims are slaughtered. Alice must enter the mind of a twisted musical prodigy to end his killing spree.




'An enjoyably scary chiller.' (Sunday Mirror)


'Alice is a wonderfully rounded female protagonist who is vividly written, emotionally accessible and strong. Peppered with false trails, the reader is guessing the killer's identity right up to the last minute. This is a bone chilling read that will grip you from beginning to end.' (Express)


'A terrific new heroine on the block.' (Woman & Home)


'Like Nicci French, Kate Rhodes excels at character, pace and sense of place.' (Erin Kelly, author of The Poison Tree)